"I'm a beginner,

where do I begin?"

From Bhangra & Bollywood to the basics of Hip-Hop fundamentals, we have it all in extended lesson plans taught by some of the best instructors.

“It’s important that we learn the dedication and respect that our Gurus had for their art form, before we start training in ours.”

Shivani Badgi

“We always make sure that our students have fun while they are learning."

Shivani & Chaya

“Knowledge is the 5th element of Hip Hop, which is an exchange of wisdom between dancers."

Tanishq Joshi 

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Discover the captivating world of Indian Classical dance with our newest, and one-of-a-kind program, the Introduction to Kathak Series. This comprehensive series consists of three playlists, featuring 20 immersive lessons, and a fascinating exploration of the dance form's rich history. Perfectly tailored for beginners and those seeking to reconnect with their Kathak roots, our series seamlessly blends theory and practice, allowing you to deepen your connection to each movement. With Shivani Badgi as your virtual guru, you will experience the joy of learning from the comfort of your own home, receiving expert guidance that mirrors the authentic feel of in-person training. Embrace this extraordinary chance to master the elegance and grace of Kathak, and let the magic of dance envelop you in a mesmerizing experience like no other.


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